• abi

    peace be upon you, and allah mercy and blessings.
    sorry in advance for the father if my comment is not polite.
    I on behalf of the university students muhamaddiyah, I want to ask about wifi id on campus, why so weak, we as students are very hard to access, due to the network on campus is very weak, it really made us disappointed to campus, wifi id was very helpful once for us to add to our knowledge.
    eg student sting disappointed once the parties are not able to give the Head of pasilitas wifi which is good for us

    • bulkani

      I’m sorry its to be late to give you my respons. I guess, right now we have good internet access at Digital Library by LAN. But, for the wifi, you must pay your money. We’ve take evaluation about our free wifi or free hot spot area, and our conclusing is, that free wifi not effective our student open it just for watching youtube, facebook, and the others social media. It’s can’t under control. Tq

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