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07-10-2017/09:30:22 WIB

Almost everyone is looking for the perfect skin. However, soft and flawless skin is not a prescription for everyone, so we are shown how to improve your own skin: In pharmacies and drugstores there is an almost best shampoo for dermatitis infinite number of products and aids for the improvement of the skin structure. But are these really the only way to a better appearance? We show the best tips for a beautiful skin picture! What is impure skin? First, however, a brief digression: How does any skin become impure? - Due to the clogging of the skin pores in the upper skin, the overproduction of sebum occurs.

The cause of this can be manifold: external dirt or dust can accumulate on the skin, or else physical secretions such as fat or perspiration accumulate. Excessive use of creams and makeup can also lead to pore clogging. If the pores are not released again, the skin may become inflamed. Also by skin injuries, for example by shaving cuts, it can be easier to skin irritations. Known consequences are then: blackheads and skin peckles.

Better skin image through better nutrition!

Our skin is the largest organ of our body! It ensures the regular detoxification and must be constantly supplied with good nutrients. Here, for example, biologically valuable products can be used: the use of chemical ingredients treatment of seborrheic dermatitis that are unnatural and thus less compatible with the human body is consciously dispensed with. Some people consciously refrain from gluten or dairy products. This waiver should be personally weighed and tried out as required. It is not uncommon to have a vegan diet.

Nevertheless, it should always be borne in mind that, if one diet is too unbalanced, the body may lack important substances. Magnesium, calcium and potassium, together with zinc, should be found in the human body. Ultimately, it not only makes us more powerful, but also significantly reduces the risk of skin infections of all kinds. For example, proteins are indispensable for athletes, but they are not ideal for the skin image in large quantities. The human digestive system can not always completely dismantle the implantation.

Better are vegetables and fruit with many vitamins - so the skin is naturally stimulated to growth and regeneration. The often mentioned Omega 3 fatty acids are also essential for the body cure seborrheic dermatitis. They can be found in nuts and fish. Ultimately especially important and easy to implement: Drink plenty of water! It should be already one to two liters of water per day, so that the skin is supplied with enough liquid.

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